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You can do it and we’re here to help! Want to meet or beat your fundraising goal? We’ve got all the tips on how to ask for donations, how to spread the word about your efforts and how to make your Walk special!


Thank you for all that you do in support of a world free of ALS.


Fundraising Tips


  • Make a self-donation: Be the first to donate toward your goal to show your commitment. It’s an easy and visible way to inspire friends and family to join you in supporting the cause! Plus, your supporters are likely to match your donation amount.
  • Set your goal: Set a fundraising goal and share your progress with your network along the way. This motivates potential donors to give generously to help you get there.
  • The sooner, the better: Have your top supporters kick off your fundraising by asking them to donate early. Your network will be inspired by your early donors’ generosity and are likely to follow suit with a larger donation.
  • Ask everyone: Use the email feature on your Fundraising Dashboard or the email templates below in your Fundraising Hub to reach out to all your network – friends, family, coworkers, and more!
  • Make it personal: You are participating in the Walk to End ALS for a personal reason. Explain why you’re getting involved so that potential supporters understand your connection to the cause. If they know why you’re doing it, they’re more likely to donate. Personalize your Public Page and emails to tell your story.
  • Join or create a team: Forming a team is a great way to stay motivated and share fundraising resources, plus it makes for a great time on Walk day!
  • Say thank you: Find out who has donated to you in the View Supporters tab of your Fundraising Dashboard. From there, email and thank each supporter and let them know how their donation has made a difference in the ALS community.

Walk Resources


We know how important the Walk to End ALS is to people affected by ALS. It’s more than just a fundraiser – it builds community and connects people. We are committed to honouring this experience and creating an opportunity for the ALS community come together to show their support. It’s your Walk, your way!


To support you, we have put together some fun activities and ideas to keep connected:


  • Chalk Your Walk: get outside and use sidewalk chalk to show your neighbours that you’re still doing the Walk to End ALS.
  • Photo booth: print out our photo booth props, and use them in a selfie about why you walk. Don’t forget to tag us at @ALSCanada when you share on social media!
  • Throw-back: share a photo of your favourite Walk memory- post on your front window for passersby or on social media and tag us @alscanada
  • ALS Canada colouring pages: download and print out our Walk to End ALS colouring pages. Take a pic of your coloured masterpieces and share on social — don’t forget to tag us at @alscanada!
  • DIY Door Hanger: download stencils to decorate your own door hanger and have fun with the whole family 
  • Car Parade: Invite your team to decorate their windows, make signs for the car, top up with decorations like balloons, streamers and do a car parade around town